Basic Photography Course

how to do a dissertation 000 Amateur photographers who are keen to learn how to use their digital cameras effectively, as well as all basic aspects of photography. Our photography course will enable you to make informed decisions when taking photos. You will no longer rely on the camera only to make all creative decisions for you. We keep the classes small and follow a hands-on approach. Theories are supported with visual illustrations and we will share personal experience and practical photography tips.Basic photography course includes basic part of the camera like its introduction & how to use camera, basics of photography. There’s intuitive instruction on lighting & composition along with everything from exposure control to white balance, from ISO settings to focus options. It is about practical demonstrations to train your eye to paint light onto a subject, how to select the right lens & the use of aperture & shutter speed to control the creative process.

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  • History of Photography
  • How to Use DSLR?
  • Technical Details – Aperture, Shutter
  • ISO – Light Sensitive Medium, Sensor
  • Different Modes of Camera – P,S,A,M
  • File Formats – JPEG, TIFF & RAW | Resolution
  • Auto Focus – Focusing Modes AF-A/AF-C/AF-S/ MF
  • Bracketing | Auto Exposure Combination
  • Metering & Different Modes of Metering
  • Active D Lighting / D Lighting
  • Histograms
  • Picture Style
  • White balance
  • Composition, Framing
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Adobe Light Room
  • Dng Convater Duration & Fees

  • 2 days (full day) – Rs. 5000/-

see mary mccarthy essays online Taxes: Taxes as applicable writing in college Students Strength: 10 students per batch

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